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North Country Cheviots

The North Country Cheviot is a breed of sheep that was commonly used in the Northern part of England and Scotland for centuries. This incredible breed is strong-willed and independent, allowing them to take-on harsh climates and rugged terrain.

The ewes exhibit exceptional mothering instincts and have minimal issues delivering strong and healthy lambs. The lambs are vigorous at birth which provides them excellent survivability.

The breed demonstrates an average rate of gain. They have a very good carcass quality with an above average yield percentage. North Country rams are often used in crossbreeding programs to pass on the maternal strengths of the breed.

Purebred Rams

Isle of Skye 5G

North Country Cheviot

Stonehouse Shawn 19G

North Country Cheviot

Isle of Skye 30C

North Country Cheviot

Reference Sires

Upperbrooke 25D

Supreme Wool Champion

Sire of Isle Of Skye 5G.

Supreme Wool Champion at 2019

All Canadian Classic.

Westerdale 35D

Canadian Sheep Classic

Sire of Stonehouse Shawn 19G.

Grand Champion North Country Cheviot 2017

All Canadian Sheep Classic